Tea and Cake Planet

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Happy Monday!

Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard

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Tweed and Tea

Tweed and Tea

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Mandeville Sisters Blog Post

Mandeville Sisters Blog postThank you for the post girls!! Pictures are gorgeous!

J Xx


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Teapot Treats

teapot treats

Thank you for the post Rebecca! Xx

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Tracy’s Afternoon Tea

Tracys Afternoon Tea Post

Thank you Tracy!

Love *TS Xx

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Hello New TeaShed TEAm Lady!


We are super excited to welcome Charlotte to our team! We did a little interview with her to get to know her better…

TeaShed: Hello Charlotte!

CP: Hello, how you doing?

TeaShed: Great thanks! Looking forward to learning a bit about you…

CP: ☺

TeaShed: First obvious question, what is you favourite TeaShed tea?

CP: Orange berry without a doubt! I even keep it in my handbag to make all my stuff smell super fruity and delish 🙂

TeaShed: If you could be any tea what would it be?

CP: If I was a tea, I would like to think I was proper mint 😉

TheTeaShed: Whilst you’re not working (super hard) in The Teashed, what would be your perfect day off?

CP: A little lie in, a juicy poached egg on toast then maybe a little gym sesh or even yoga. Maybe a bit of a shop if I was feeling like I deserved it. I would probably plan something lush to cook for dinner.

TeaShed: Yoga, that’s cool. What’s your favorite yoga move?

CP: I love all the yoga twists. They are great at making me feel super cleansed and detoxed (and alongside a cup of skinny tea of course!). It just makes me feel fabulous!

TeaShed: What would you do in life if you knew you couldn’t fail?

CP: Take out a loan and start a monster empire of… erm not sure yet, something or other.

TeaShed: What three words describe you?

CP: Obsessive / Excitable / Fun

TeaShed: What one word describes your life?

CP: Marvelous!

TeaShed: What would your super power be?

CP: Erm its not really a super power but have always wished I was a linguist. Traveling and being able to talk to everyone you met would be incredible, think of all the amazing people you would meet!

TeaShed: Who is your hero?

CP: Both my mum and dad, not just for putting up with me, but for helping me get to where I am today. Cliché I know, but know one can beat them I’m afraid (not even Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, although he’s pretty lush).

TeaShed: What are you looking forward to this summer?

CP: My epic tea trip to India, The TeaShed detox teas arriving, detoxing and feeling great, and then maybe buying my Nutribullet hehehe.

TeaShed: Finally, what is the best thing about working for The TeaShed?

CP: Tea on tap! Oh and Jules is super cool and buys us cheeky half pints when we have worked really hard. Oh and she has mini Twisters in the freezer woop woop.

TeaShed: Thanks Charlotte! So pleased to have you as part of our TEAm! Xx


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