Northumbria 2012 Student Promotional Campaign

Yesterday I spent the day filming Northumbria Universities new promotional campaign, which will be launched in September to attract new 2012 students.

There will be a commercial, which will be shown on Channel 4 on demand and some cinema screens in the UK. There will also be a print campaign and a documentary to support it.

It was such a cool day. It was amazing how many people it takes to produce something like this. Lots of takes and perfecting shots. I have so much respect for the whole team – it is such a hard job.

Here are a few photos… Will put up the campaign once I have it.

Love *TS


About The *TeaShed

The TeaShed is a new and exciting design led tea, teaware and homeware company born and brewed in Britain. Selling delicious tea such as Green tea, English Breakfast and Chai as well as trend led products for your gorgeous home.
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One Response to Northumbria 2012 Student Promotional Campaign

  1. Looks like a good experience for those who got involved. This is the sort of practical experience that students at Northumbria require to build their confidence and skills in this industry sector – without it, they cannot possibly be career ready.

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