Papergirl Newcastle Event 27th August

The *TeaShed is very pleased to announce that they will be serving the teas and biscuits at the half way point for the Papergirl event on Saturday 27th August!

>>> “What is ‘Papergirl?’

Stage 1. Artists/illustrators contribute paper based artwork. (Ideally more than one piece… does not need to be new/relevant to project).

Stage 2. A piece from each contributer is put into an exhibition to present the work and raise aware…ness of the project… and have a nice get together…

Stage 3. After exhibition (ideally a couple of weeks) all work is rolled up into rolls of two/three pieces. These are then bagged up by a group of volunteer cyclists who cycle around the city in a group and hand out the artwork for free.

Job done

Exhibition venue: Settle Down Cafe, Thornton Street, Newcastle on 11th August 2011 7pm

In the style of American paper-boys, Papergirl distributes rolled art pieces by bicycle to passers-by.

Created by Aisha Ronniger in 2006 in Berlin, we finally bring the rolls to the streets of Newcastle

Papergirl is a no bones, lets do and share, give away art on bikes operation. The plan is for yous lot to send in work to a designated address… and we give it out on a fixed date. This of course will be paired up with exhibitions of the work sent in, parties, cyclists breaskfasts and all sorts of silliness.

There are no guidelines as to format, subject matter or quantity, so originals, prints, photos, copies etc. come together. Each roll contains several different works, meaning that each one will be a right mixed bag.

We plan to make this fun, laid back and quite the party… but we need your help. We need cyclists, artists, ideas people and general hands on help. If you want to get involved in any way, just drop us an email on” <<<<

Check out their facebook page

See you then!

Love *TS


About The *TeaShed

The TeaShed is a new and exciting design led tea, teaware and homeware company born and brewed in Britain. Selling delicious tea such as Green tea, English Breakfast and Chai as well as trend led products for your gorgeous home.
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