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Thank you so much Gaelle! You are so sweet 🙂

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I’m one for getting sucked in by pretty packaging.

It seems like ‘the-best-packaging-options-to-maximise-sales-with-consumers-named-Gaelle’ (or TBPOTMSWCNG in marketing talk) is constantly at the top of the marketing executives’ agenda.

I came across The *TeaShed on Design*Sponge last week and I was drawn in right away. 20 teabags packed in a paper cup may not seem groundbreaking, but it certainly caught my attention. There are flavours to suit all tastes and the catchy names made me chuckle: Out of Milk or Pick Me Up at 3 teas just do exactly what it says on the tin (/cup).

I settled for the lightly spiced chai –appropriately named Baby, it’s Cold Outside *Tea– and the low in caffeine white tea –4am *Tea.


Yes of course the teas are delicious.

But the smaller details are really what did it for me.

The parcel contained a bag of Emergency *Tea, to ‘keep with you at all times, in case of emergency, break at seal’.

A sweet little note on the parcel also made the queuing at the post office suddenly worth it:

The beauty is in the detail.




About The *TeaShed

The TeaShed is a new and exciting design led tea, teaware and homeware company born and brewed in Britain. Selling delicious tea such as Green tea, English Breakfast and Chai as well as trend led products for your gorgeous home.
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